Two spare sockets – one 2-way the other 5-way - V7ii

I have spent some time this afternoon looking for the green “socket behind headlight on V7” as referred to in:

on my V7ii, but without success.

However, when I undid the L-hand side panel I found two blanked off spare sockets, one 2-way and the other 5 way. As you will see, they are situated below the 20A fuse. Any ideas as to what these are for or what they will do ?

There is another blank 3-way socket, neatly slotted in next to the 20A fuse, accessed when the seat is removed. I am assuming this is the diagnostics plug. Am I correct ?

Turns out that the 2-way socket is a switched live. Useful for running a relay or something else, and knowing it will be switched off when you remove the ignition key.

The 5-way socket is a mystery. It doesn’t show on any wiring diagrams.

Yes, the 3-way connector is the diagnostics interface. Very handy for using GuzziDiag.
The 5-way is (I think) for an optional module that might have been under consideration when the bike was designed, I’ve never come across anything that plugs in there.

Thanks for the reply, and I am sorry for the delay in responding.

I have to take the bike in for a service soon. I shall enquie as to the five socket connector then.