Tyre choice for 1100 Sport i

Sorry to post another tyre topic, but my Sport 1100i needs a new front tyre. I currently hvae a pair of Avons and they don’t inspire me that much. Therefore anyone got any good feedback on alternate makes they have used on an 1100 Sport? Prefer grip to longevity, but to have both would be nice.I will end up running a mis-matched pair (yes I know, before anyone says anything) as I have plenty of life left in the rear.Any thoughts would be appreciated…

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT grip like grippy things to a grippy surface on my V10.Alternatives might be the other Pilot Power & Pilot Road varieties if you want a bit more longevity.

guzzijack2013-02-13 16:46:11

on my 1100 sport 120/70zr17&160/60zr18 i am going to fit dunlop roadsmarts.I believe i can get some heat into these tyres .