Tyre Wear on Norge

I’ve searched around the forum but can’t find anything on this. I fitted a pair of Avon Storms to the Norge about 2500 miles ago and the front tyre is almost shot! I ride fairly hard ( no chicken strip) but has anyone had similar experience with these tyres. The rear tyre is O.K… Pressures as recommended. I had Metzler on before and the wear was good but the wet grip was a bit iffy, let go a few times.
The worst area of wear is just left and right of centre. Perhaps I should practise going round corners upright!

Or going round more right hand corners ?

Funny you should say that. My old V7 wore more on the left side until I took it to Mandello and then it evened out. Came to the conclusion that because we drive on the left the left corners are on average sharper and vise versa on the continent.

I have had Avon Storms on the B11 since 2006, 1 front lasts about 1.5 rears and I get about 8k/6k from them, only time the front showed the wear you describe was due to a long continental trip when the pressure was found to be low on return. Usually run the front at 36 and the rear at 42.Cheers, Gerry.

Thank Gerry, tyre pressures correct. Probably designed for motorway or straight roads. Centre hardly worn!