Tyres for Breva 750

Having spotted a drawing pin last night in my Breva’s front tyre, which surprisingly punctured it, I had much fun today taking off the wheel with just a side stand and juggling a trolley jack under the sump! Unfortunately when I took it to my local bike shop they said it couldn’t be repaired as it was too close to the sidewall. The tyre’s pretty worn anyway and I know the back one will be an advisory on next month’s MOT so I’m going to replace both, though I think the bigger challenge first is going to be removing the back wheel without a main stand.
Both tyres are Pirellis and I guess they’re the originals as the bike has only done 8,500 miles and it’s on an 06 plate so they are over 11 years old and probably need changing anyway. The Pirellis don’t seem to be all that popular by all accounts, and while the handbook lists Bridgestones as alternatives, I’m a big fan of Avon tyres, having fitted them to all my previous bikes, and I’ve seen somewhere that Avon Roadriders suit the Guzzi so am going to try those. Anyone else got experience of Avons on the 750?

Never tried them
A mate uses them on his Beemer and rates them
I just stick with O/E Bridgestone Battleaxe as they work well and give a decent service life

Bridgestone BT45 front and back. 36 & 42 psi respectively. A fellow Breva 750 rider.

What he said.

I’m a fan of Avon. My 500 is excellent with them. I suspect if you do a lot of long distance the Bridgestone may be best.

Not sure about long distance but I have toured Europe on the lil’Breva a couple of times.
I get 10k miles plus front and rear.
They also run safe when flat.

BT45’s , but i run 33 front 36 rear .
i do have a problem with the footrests tho’ ? they keep dragging on the road .

Plus one, that’s what I run mine at and that’s pretty much what the Handbook says. Did try the higher pressures suggested above but found the ride hard and a bit skittish. I have caught the footrest a couple of times but put it down to my weight compressing the suspension rather than riding ability. :smiley:

The best tyre pressures depend on your preferences, suspension settings tyre make and rider weight. The manufacturer’s recommendations are a good starting point, though.

I think we dropped by about 10% for Helena’s Breva in the end. It’s running the Pirellis and with her weight it felt very skittish at the recommended psi. It may well be different with BT45s.