tyres for my v50 outfit

Hi, can anyone give me any advice on what tyres to use on my v50 outfit, the tyres on the bike at the moment are standard motorbike tyres, the front being 3.00 x 18 and the rear 3.50 x 18 and depending on opinion I was thinking of changing them to a flatter sidecar type/style of tyre. Any help much appreciated as my sidecar knowledge is very limited. Cheers Chris.

Hi Chris, due to the tyre sizes you may be a bit limited as to what is available, do not know if the old Avon Speedmasters are still available new, some classic sizes are still made. You would be best off with a full profile tyre such as the Michelin Macadam which has a good reputation for low wear with reasonable grip.
Cheers, Gerry.

I think you will struggle to find sidecar specific tyres in those sizes. I use Heidenau on my Ural outfit, but I don’t they do a size suitable for you. As supplied, the Ural came with normal profiles fitted (and it still has one on the sidecar wheel), which were ok, to be fair, but did wear fairly quickly. I suspect your v50 will be light enough to use a normal profile without any problems.

I was hoping to improve the traction on the front wheel by fitting a flatter profile tyre, as the front tends to judder about a bit in the bends, it probably doesn’t help that i’m using the standard forks. I was looking at MITAS tyres and they do the sizes I require in their h03 style which may be ok.

You might be best served by looking at heavier dampers/stronger springs, not sure what is available for the V50 range but it might be worth looking at what is fitted to the 750 models.
Cheers, Gerry.

Are you just getting juddering on right handers, or left handers as well? Grip on left handers (even in the wet) has never been an issue for me on any tyre, as the sidecar will lift before the front loses grip. I would consider some judder on right handers normal given the amount of understeer you get: mind you, flexing forks may exacerbate the issue.

The juddering occurs on right handers, especially if the road surface is uneven (normal UK road conditions), a fork brace will probably help to stiffen the front end, as the standard forks on the v50 flex a lot compared to a big block.

I don’t think changing tyres will help much, tbh. Going back to your original question, if you’ve not had the outfit long, I would be tempted to leave the current tyres on and see how you get on with them. Grip shouldn’t be a problem with a light bike, and wear should be less of an issue than with my lump.