V1000 Tappet gap

Cant seem to find it on a search but remember seeing it mentioned in the past.
What is best gap to have, 9 thou as in Haynes manual ?


This any help - see “tappet clearance” link


According to Haynes, Mick Walker et al, it should be .22mm inlet and exhaust. Checked the Convert the other day and found them to be virtually zero. reset to .20mm, now the left hand side rattles like a bugger. Am going to use the SPQR method, which covers any indents in the rocker or valve stem. Turn the adjusters to zero, (don’t overdo it or you will open the valve), the adjusters move 1.25 mm for each complete rotation so you need 1/5th of a rotation for 0.21mm, 1/5th of 360 degrees is 72 degrees, so back off the adjuster to about 90 degrees and back to 72 degrees to allow for backlash, Â ( a protractor helps to gauge this), then lock the nut, you should then have a pretty good adjustment.

.22 mm is pretty much .009". So set slightly tight on a 10 thou feeler. I don’t understand why bothering to complicate it on a calculation as part turns against thread pitch - just to get the same result? I thought our motto here was ‘noisy tappets are happy tappets’?

@ duffo good lord.Â

8 Thou inlet, 9 thou exhaust.Â

And mine chatters away like 6 typewriters having an orgy and nothing I do makes any difference, BUT better than no gaps at all and leaking valves, and I’ve had that too! And it’s no good at all.Â


B I G gaps and beter ear plugs, is the guzzi way lol :smiley:

Thanks for the replies.
Just checked them after 2 years and 4000 miles, 3 are 9 thou and 1 is 10 thou, so decided to leave them undisturbed.

Can someone tell me what length the rocker box screws should be? Parts manual shows them all same length but I have 9 at 25mm and 7 at 20mm, oddly !


Your bike may have had rocker protection bars fitted at some time, these need the 25mm ones on the outer holes.

thanks, I had decided to replace the short ones as there was enough thread for them all to be 25mm without bottoming out.Â

Well, for sure it’s not mine anymore!Â
Since I’ve found out that my tappets were noisy because the camshaft and one of the follower were faulty, I now think that ‘noisy tappets are unhappy tappets and even unhappier bikers’

There’s noisy and then there’s holy crap…

As in ‘we’re going to need some bigger earplugs’?

Eh?? I can’t hear you over this tappet noise


I was having this discussion with Keith at the Scottish and he suggested timing gears, I think this is right as the noise emanates from front centre, not cyl heads. Well a bit but not as much as the gears. Â