V1000G5 revs/speed ratio

I have done a bit of a google search without luck, just wondering what speed / revolutions per minute ratio would be in top gear?

i.e. what mph at 1000 revs per minute?


For my T3 it is 5000 rpm at 70 mph. So 14 mph per 1000. Is the gearing the same?
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This sounds rather low geared. My T3 shows 4000 rpm at 70 mph.

14 mph per 1000 rpm would mean max revs at 105 mph.

I think it must be down to Veglia instruments!

My 1st check of new speedo and rev counter showed 5000 at 70 which I too thought would give a low top speed at red line. I think the revs and speed I read were max reached of each on trip, not at the same time. Will get sat nav out some time but think my revs and speed are accurate so will have a closer look when at a constant speed

Just double-checked. It is 5000 at 70 mph. Gerry Duffet also told me that on my bike both needles are vertical at 70. Not sure what the top speed is but she is redlined at 8000 upwards. I have never taken her beyond 8000 but only in lower gears. Mine is a T3 California if that explains any difference.
At about 80 mph I fear disappearing over the back of the bike due to wind pressure!
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My rev counter had a yellow zone start at 6750, and red at 7250. So 14mph per 1000 revs would equal red line at 101 ?
Academic to me as I am happy to stick to 80 with wide bars and small fly screen, although I have cruised a bit faster with an additional bar mounted screen attached. Just curious.

Quote from an MCN test of a T5:
‘With approximately 16mph/1000rpm available in the same gear, one might even expect a higher maximum speed than the mean 117mph we got, once, that is, the engine is fully run-in (our T5 had only recently emerged from its first service when we took it over). And unusually for the products of Veglia Borletti, the speeds we acheived using our radar gun almost always matched those on the T5’s speedo!’

Today I got 50 at 2900 revs, and 60 at 3500, which is approximately 17mph/1000 revs. Or 123 at 7250 red line. So not far out.