V11 fairing

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I have a V11 at the moment and was wondering whether any of you who have riden a naked one and a faired one can tell me how much of a difference it actually makes as some fairings are quite inefficient at keeping the wind buffeting off at higher speeds.

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Hi Martin, I toured Europe last year on a V11 Rosso Mandello which has the small flyscreen and decided there and then when I got back I was going to find a V11 Le Mans with fairing, we had some strong winds and it was hard work at times, the Le Mans fairing is quite effective and not too low and racey but still looks good.

The V11 Le Mans fairing is excellent more protection than the V1000 if you look it is a “double bubble” design > I bought an aftermarket flip top screen for mine as being tall, and older, I got neck pain from the wind hitting the top of the lid. NO buffetting whatsoever.

Although it is a half fairing on the Le Mans it acts like a full fairing due to the clever lower fitments and using the engine, it not only deflects the slipstream extremely effectively BUT keeps the engine cool. Brilliant job by Guzzi.

My ONLY critisism is the rear valance , makes it very difficult to add any luggage. Whearas a VFR750 has a rear valance yet Honda have fixing mounts for luggage racks it is literally a 5 min job to fit Givi wingracks to a VFR750, without any panniers you harly even notice the racking. If only Guzzi had thought of that the V11 as a Sport Tourer would be magnificent. But I guess the italians could NOT see beyond the “sports” look.

I find the flip screen (From MCA) takes the wind blast, for me, from smack in the visor to just skimming the top of the lid.

I will say, as on the Cali type bike the helmet DOES make a difference to any wind noise. I have used

A Shoei Raid 2 great on the V11 noisy as hell on the V1000

An Arai FV Noisy on the V11 quiet on the V1000

An Ari open face Great with the peak on the V1000 , no chance of over 60 on the V11 as your eyes water up

Recently bought a Nitro Helrazor which is fantastic on the V1000 and Ok on the V11 but a lot of wind noise.

I think it it the helmet and visor fitments that make the difference as well as how the wind effect works on each bikeguzzibear2014-04-08 13:43:30

I have V11 Le Mans fairing with all brackets and headlight for sale bodman2014-04-11 04:43:01