V11 Le Mans Petrol Tank

I’ve had my V11 resprayed by Dream Machine. However, they neglected to tell me that it probably wouldn’t work but took my money anyway. The tank started to bubble about 4 weeks after I got it back. It’s gone back to them again to get resprayed but I’ve been told by several knowledgable people that the same will happen again as the tank is plastic and it’s the ethanol in the fuel these days that causes the bubbling.

So, my only option is to get a metal tank made. I was told by one of the club members at the recent Staffordshire show that he remmebers another club member getting a tank made for a V11 Le Mans but it was several years ago. Apparently it made it into one of the magazines at the time. Can anyone remember who the member was or in what issue it might have appeared? I’d like to get hold of the person who made the tank.

Thanks in anticipation


The Tank shop
John Williams is the man to speak to :sunglasses:

II your tank an external pump long frame?
If so, I would like to discuss.

I’m sure about the fuel pump. I think it’s inside the tank (I’ve never had the tank off myself). Is there an easy way to tell.


Actually, I’ve just checked the parts manual and pump does indeed sit inside the tank.

Could you add a liner to the tank? One or two manufacturers do systems suitable for GRP tanks. Try talking to Caswells or POR15 or others.

Thanks all, for the replies. I now have several avenues to explore.