V11 Scura replace rod bush's

In reviewing the MoT history on my V11 Scura an advisory that crops up some years but not others is ‘play in the reaction rod’ [Part #: GU01358840] on the rear wheel. I guess I need to replace the bushes! Any advice on where to source new bushes and how to remove old/fit new would be appreciated.
Many thanks, Noel C. :sunglasses:

I always use Fowler’s of Bristol for spares now Corsa Italiana has gone . they have an online parts catalogue for most models with upto date prices and availability . if the parts are in stock I have received the parts next day even when i have ordered parts in the afternoon by phone . Great service

Hi 8VE,
…and I think that is going to be my problem!! Fowlers web site show both the tie rod and it’s alternative as ‘no longer available’!
I can see myself having to go further afield or finding a local engineering firm that can refurbish.
Thanks for suggesting Fowlers, I’ll keep them in mind for future needs.
Rgds. Noel C.

Got me fincsing about me own now.

I nicked this off the V11 LeMans page a while ago - MOTO GUZZI V11 REACTION ROD WITH SPHERICAL BEARINGS
They are american so measure everything in inches . . .
This mod was reported as a success with full suspension movement available and no binding due to the lack of rubbery compliance so, if you find anyone to machine up the bushes I’ll take 4 :sunglasses: