V11 single plate clutch

My lovely V11 Tenni, (single plate clutch), has been sitting in a garage after being recovered from France two years ago. The clutch/bell-housing was an orchestra of worrying noise when it went on the motorway. Also, some engine oil escaped. I’m getting the overalls on tomorrow to see what’s what. Had a quick chat with Club Member who said that he had heard of a similar event suffered by an Irish Tenni.I would be grateful for any guidance on this - especially if the above sounds familiar.  Many thanks.boabcomo2013-06-18 19:46:23

Two ways to get at it:

1 support under engine, remove swingarm pork chops and crab the frame to remove gearbox

2 support under pork chops and remove engine (supported pulled forward and lowered on trolley Jack) leaving gearbox in place

I have done the latter when sorting Harry’s Rosso corsa and it wasn’t a bad job

If you are lucky it will just be the clutch damaged and not the engine or gearbox casing. The oil leak sounds a bit worrying.
If just clutch you have the option of a new single plate kit or see if you can get secondhand twin plate setup.
Give me a yell if you need a hand or tools or any info, more than happy to help. I improvised tools to lock flywheel and clutch hub when removing and made a rough peg socket to undo clutch hub nut.
Much info on v11 forum.

Good luck with it mate, IF the worst happens and the cases have an 'Ole in them, don’t panic it can be welded by a specialist, and it will be good as new.

Yrs ago I had a Norton blow a rod thro’ the block back then the dealer repaired the cases and the engine was rebuilt as an 810 , got the parts very cheap as the then new 850 blew the bottom out of the 810 conversion market… so all is not lost.

Had we been closer I would have ridden over to help/take the P and generally cause mayhem

There have been cases of that clutch doing something like this. Though this is obviously a RAM clutch.
Brian UK2013-06-18 22:23:15

Or this…

Cheers Haydn, I had thought of you but wouldn’t impose on your time. I have the bike in someone else’s garage 'cos no space in mine for job like this. We will tackle it tomorrow together but he’s charging me labour.
Looked at V11 forum where there are several schools of thought - I will try simplest, (and quickest sounding), first.
There is a possibility that I might fall-out with the guy, (he’s a bit funny and not a bike/Guzzi man), and will give you a shout if I do.

I guess it was past a spot welding, Haydn!!!

It wouldn’t be a problem Bob, I get as much enjoyment working on them as I do riding them. I need to get my act together though as my garage is a tip most of the time!
It should take about 2-3 hours to pul the engine (time estimation is another downfall of mine so maybe double it).Faring and tank off,exhaust off, oil cooler off (maybe) disconnect throttle bodies to inlet, disconnect alternator sidestand oil pressure and crank sensor , breathet hose, unbolt and engine out.HaydnR2013-06-19 09:40:27

Just a tad! It’s not one I’ve experienced thankfully, but one of the delights on this page:


Another fine example:

Scary, scary pictures!
Hayden, you’re a big, shiny star in the firmament of Guzzisti. You’ve put my mind at ease with your back-up support.
Grazie mille.boabcomo2013-06-19 10:31:42

These pictures put my pawl spring woes into perspective! I nearly bought a registered but unused Tenni from Colwyn Bay Motorcycles who had stored it for years for the owner. I’d be tempted to convert any single plate clutch to the dual plate arrangement as a precaution, although I’ve no idea how much that might cost but it’s got to be less than trying to source engine and gearbox cases as well. My twin plate V11 is very noisy when the clutch lever is pulled in, but this seems to be entirely typical. The Breva 750 is the opposite, with a hot engine it rattles slightly when engaged but is silent with the lever pulled in.

Baldini gets the coconut.
Flywheel, (lighter and less substantial than my last phart), let go around the centre and was in 5 parts but all contained. Some ‘skimming’ of surfaces in gearbox housing but ok. Bellville, plate, ring all fine bizzarly - I got that clutch lever in quick. Oil seems to be from engine seal being compromised by the ‘wobble’. I am now seeking advice about conversion to twin plate I think.

I don’t suppose the new single plate clutches with the diaphragm spring would fit? Bound to be expensive anyway.

I think that those may be a whole different and expensive animal.
I suppose I’m looking for a definitive list of parts, (from someone who has done this), required to convert to either twin plate or the RAM of which Baldini speaks.

I looked into that option,it was a no go.

May be worth contacting reboot , gutsibits etc. Although any big block flywheel will fit the v11 was lighter making it pick up a bit quicker. Daytona clutches are lightened and will do the job. The clutch hub on the 6 speed (v11) box is also different to the 5 speed which is a pain as you can get good deals on new 5 speed plates including the hub.

Last time I checked V11 RAM clutches were not available due to their reliance on Guzzi to manufacture the clutch centres.

Glad the damage was not too bad Robert!

Although it is not listed I think that this RAM clutch will replace the original. The PDF file says suitable for 6 speed box:


I just learnt something new, that there were some californias fitted with a single plate clutch, these also had issues and a kit was put together to replace with twin plate.


a bit on the spendy side. Not really suitable for the V11 as the flywheel although would fit is alot heavier and the clutch hub different. But does give an idea of what it would cost in new parts but the v11 parts would be a bit dearer still.

A twin plate setup from later models, griso, big breva etc will also do (has the lighter v11 flywheel) but there again will need hub and new plates if secondhand.

Unless someone else on either forum has one compiled I will put you a parts list together.

HaydnR2013-06-19 23:56:57

The picture I posted above was of the standard RAM flywheel, they have their problems too.