V11 sport battery

Hi All,

Do you have an Odyssey battery fitted and how has it performed for you?

I have a PS545 which is from Nov 2010 and have just had a new Datatool alarm fitted. We had some issues with the wiring coming out of relays which we fitted back in properly and the starter is engaing but cutting out after one crank or so. Classic signs of a low battery (which has been charged)

Could be the battery giving out but it’s not that old. Bike hasn’t had a lot of use but the previous owner did keep an optimate on it.

Any thoughts?


I too have a Odyssey.
No alarm though
Precious little maintenance but it’s great.
Gets completely abused. Unused for 4-months then starts first turn.
Maybe three years old too.

Took the Datatool alarm off my B11, it was consuming about 1amp when turned on, battery died within 10 days.G.

Bluddy hell

We use Odysseys on all ours. Prolonged optimate use on ordinary batteries will result in them dryin out have found. X

Odessey the way to go, well worth the extra|££
Last around 6 yrs and will still start our V11 after a winter of idleness…

the one on my spada lasted less than 12 months the clock and alarm flattened it to 4 volts and from that date had no capacity replaced it with a standard agm twice the size but it performed a lot better

Oddysey batteries, as with all AGM types, suffer badly if there is a parasitical drain from an alarm. This will discharge the small capacity battery inside a couple of weeks, and once discharged the battery is almost useless. They “can” be recovered by putting them on a heavy duty charger which raises the charge volts to over 15V for a short time, but results of this are patchy to say the least.oddyseys and similar AGMs are fine if you have no drain while the bike is unused, but just an electric clock will kill them.

Datatool alarm on my aprilia has been a curse on batteries, at least a new one every year since 2003 regardless of use. I now have AGM batteries on all 3 bikes the guzzis don’t miss a beat the aprilia with that bloody alarm has to live on a ctec minder but the battery is fine even after 2 years. I can’t remember the make but its the yellow one ( I’m old tired and its late)

I’ve been thinking about this, I think this affects more than just maintenance free ones. For a while I had homemade alarms on both bikes, killed both batteries in the end and I think clocks can do this too. The car’s computer which includes alarm function armed automatically when locked is on all the time and I always have hassle keeping it charged up properly. In future I think if I’m going to leave a bike for a while I’ll disconnect the clock, means clock won’t be wearing out either.

As an aside, in defence of AGM’s don’t forget technology is getting better all the time. But as said I don’t think they have a monopoly on packing up because of a constant if small power drain.


Mike H2013-07-30 10:45:40

I was going to point out that the clock on my lil’Breva has caused me no problems, but I use the bike daily.So agree with Brian. Bin the alarm, they are generaly useless anyway.

To all those who are good at electrics maybe you can offer some advice as I thought I would investigate a bit further before ordering a new battery?

The battery once charged showed 12.86 volts although I wasn’t able to measure this when trying to crank the engine over as the multimeter had unfortunately been left on.

Running a separate earth via the jump lead led to no difference (just in case) but surprisingly neither did jumping the battery off the car albeit the terminals are a bit difficult to get to. I haven’t been able to get in to jump across the two terminals on the starter to try and turn the engine over from a direct approach.

I’m getting three clicks from the starter relay (have already replaced relays) and then nothing for about another seven seconds when the system re-sets itself and the pump whirls around again back to default position. This occurs whether the wire at the starter solenoid from the relay is connected or not, should this be the case?

I did try rocking the bike backwards and forwards should the starter be stuck but I guess the Vaelo is a pre-engaged rather than a bendix type starter? Could it be a case that the starter itself has just done down? It tries to engage a couple of times when the starter button is pressed.

Another anomaly is that when the bike is on steering lock and you can manually turn on the sidelight it seems that the ignition side from the fuse box is also live. Found this out when the alarm was being fitted.

Hope someone can help!mjseymo12013-08-03 16:35:06

Still using the original battery on my V11. 10 years old now. No alarm fitted.

This is sounding like the same prob as the Cali 1100 on the other new thread, sidestand switch and/or relays controlling the starter. Note my comment about lots of series connections, if any one of them is bad starter won’t turn. http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=19078 PS: jump starting off a car should be proof it’s not a battery problem. But could still be loose battery connections.
Mike H2013-08-03 18:36:25

There is a large difference between analogue clocks and digital ones. The former draw far more current.

Look in the FAQ section and the thread on how to check a starter motor.

I was wondering how often I can leave bike before needing a top-up charge, did a quick calculation based on the clock draining 15 mA (0.015 Amps) Call it 0.015 A/h then Multiply by 2 weeks, or 14 days (0.015 x 24 x 14) = 5 Amp/hours! That’s like leaving park lights on for 4 - 5 hours and that’s only if you’ve got just one 5W bulb at each end of the bike. It’s on the ‘trickle’ charger now (about 1 - 1.5A) until this afternoon at least… So yes a clock or similar low-powered electrickery gizmo WILL flatten your battery eventually, and lead-acid batteries do not like being left any period of time even partially discharged.
Mike H2013-08-11 13:55:37

I do have a battery tender and alarm on the V11 Le mans BUT the OEM Guzzi battery has been on it for 7 yrs no problems at all . The AGM one I put on the V1000 lasted 3 yrs and dies, after looking at other stuff I replaced it with a GUZZI lead acid battery …the bike starts easier (Bosch systems seem to prefer the old lead acid type battery) guzzibear2013-08-11 15:48:23

I use a 4W solar charger.

Don’t worry due to “fracking” you will soon be able to axcess free gas …from your bathroom taps