v11 sport engine fitment

hi can any one help???can you tell me if a 2001 v11 sport engine fit into a v1100 sport frame 1996
ace46rider2012-10-16 22:09:47

The engine will but not with the v11 gearbox.

Potentially. Is it an 1100 Sport Carb or Injection?
Haydn helped Harry do it the other way round and fitted an 1100 Sporti motor into a V11 frame. Think the lower frame mountings are different but not a showstopper. Maybe Haydn will chip in.

hi they are both injection frames and injection engines, whats the best way to do this tranplant

i have a complete v11 sport 2001, and a very nice 1996 v1100 frame , what the best way of putting the v11 engine into the 1100 frame, can i just use the engine brackets from the v11 frame, thanks

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Depends what you mean by engine ‘brackets’?If it’s the front A frame you are referring to then AFAIK it’s a no, the V11 sport has an offset compared to the 1100Sporti. I’m not sure about the rear ‘pork chops’, but why not just bolt the V11Sport engine into the 1100Sporti frame and gearbox as it is? I can’t see that there would be any problem that way - unless you’re missing something from the engine or want to use the 6 speed 'box, (and that’s a completely different scenario involving much more work).