V11 Sport Gearbox Selector Spring

Coming back over Llandegla Moors today, the gearbox locked in 4th gear which suggests the classic V11 selector spring failure. Failure 1 was at about 3000 miles just before I owned the bike, this failure is at 12,500 milesHaving limped back home, I removed the suspension reservoir and the starter motor, gear change linkagec and loosened the gearbox selector cover fasteners, including the ‘special obscured one’. Tomorrow, I’ll remove the cover and check the springs and see if the pawl diameter is 15 or 16mm.I checked Gutsibits but the spring I most likely need (GU04238300) is out of stock. Can anybody tell me who else might hold this item in stock? Secondly, what goo is appropriate for the cover/gearbox joint which has no gasket?

Try Motomecca, they hold good stocksA search shows they have one in stock £5.40 inc VAThttp://www.motomeccaspares.com/products/search.phpDon-Spada2013-06-01 21:48:50

Corsa Italiana would also probably have them.

Don’t forget to drop the gearbox oil first.

I used Loctite 5910 without a problem.

That silicone rubber instant gasket works well, might be what Kevin refers too.

See the thread on the V11 forum. Belfast guzzi has covered it thoroughly.

Thanks for the advice everybody. I had dropped the oil before slackening the plate bolts. At least it is feasible to replace the spring with the gearbox in situ, there can’t be too many other bikes where that is possible without a complete engine gearbox removal!

I am not sure how critical it is, but having put it all back together on the plate, I then put the selector cams back in 5th (the gear I was in at the time of the failure) before replacing the plate back on the gearbox.

The selectors do have to be lined up and I will mark the selector gears with a marker pen so that they can put back into the same position. It’s supposed to be in neutral before stripping but of course that’s not possible.

I.m guilty of spreading this topic over two threads. The spring is now in two photos under ‘Guzzi Spares Policy’.