V11 Sport Mistral exhaust

Hi I am in the middle of fitting a Mistral exhaust with S/S crossover to my 2000 V11 sport. I’ve taken the complete standard exhaust/ downpipes/ crossover off. The existing crossover is connected to the bike with a round peg mounted onto the crossover locating into a hole forming part of the red frame under the bike. I can’t get this fitting off the crossover to fit it onto the new crossover. Anyone have experience doing this job? Also I thought the exhaust brackets would slide off when I loosened them but they seem to be fixed somehow to the exhaust and crossover? If they won’t come off I guess I will be buying new exhaust clamps.

Update, after a cup of tea, cheese and onion sandwich, I made up my own fitting for the new crossover and by digging deep into my spares box found 2 s/s brackets to fit. All together now and wow it sounds gorgeous.

Ya noisy lout. Now go and set some car alarms off heh heh

get yourself down to the bike show at higham today,i will be there with the 1000s and a few others are turning up

Sorry Keith only read this just now…oops

I have a V11 Le mans with Stucchi x over and G-Force open pipes it sounds Bellissimo and made ahuge difference to the power, … Doncha just lurve the 6 speed gearbox

Except when it goes cog to cog and I miss a gear! All part of the charm I guess

I find the 6 speed box so sorted very good one of the best I have ever used as good as the old Norton box… far better than any Honda Box i have ever used.