V11 yoke on 1100 sport?

Hi all, Does anyone know if the V11 sport yokes are the same spec as the 1100 sport ones? I’m wondering how feasible it would be to put a set of flat(ish) bars on an 1100 sport…I know LSL do a kit for the V11 but not for the 1100 sport.Any comments welcome…Cheers, MJ

I think the only way to find out is measure a V11 Ballabio / Cafe Sport top yoke and then compare with a Sporti.

A friend has modified a top yoke designed for clip ons to accept bar risers, which may be an easier route.

Would you need to remove fairing too so there is clearance for the handlebars?Guzzirider2012-08-23 10:04:16


Yes you would as the clip-ons are in side cut-outs of the fairing, if you put higher bars on they would clash with the screen on half lock.Chris750s2012-08-23 10:38:38

Fairing would probably be on the shelf in the garage at that point :)A new top yoke with risers could easily be made I guess by any of the billet manufacturers on the go these days. probably not much more expensive than the kits for sale actually. Alternatively I sell my first born child and go to one of the German mobs and get the revised-geometry yoke kits they sell :slight_smile: I will need to do some more investigations I think. Thanks both for the comments.
melj2012-08-23 11:07:37

I do know the V11 Le Mans yokes are marked on the underside where the holes go to mount the “risers” for handle bars as fitted to Billabaio and V11 Sports.

The handle bar “riser” mounts are available from most of the Motorcycle spares suppliers.