V35 choke screws.

Dioes anyone know what size screws are used to attach the choke plunger to the carb? I see it is the “choke body screw” but I can’t find the size.

Eurocarb is a great source of information - either online or, many say, on the phone. They also sell much-needed parts for older Dellorto carbs as fitted to Moto Guzzis. Click through on the info they provide, and (in the case of this example, at least, screw dimensions are also given).

Brilliant, Thanks Barry, I’ll bookmark that website it’s very good.
It’s m4.5 Doubt I’ll get them at screwfix…

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Happy to help - no connection, just happy to recommend good businesses.

They are a very good supplier - comprehensive stock, very reasonable prices (I think), good availability and fast service, and - I hear (though I’ve never personally spoken with them) they are both knowledgeable and helpful in person.

edit: if you are not already aware of them, I’d also recommend Gutsibits for all sorts of Guzzi bits and bobs, and all-round good service.

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