v35 hybrid

been a long hall but the v35 is back on the road after detonating its lovely 6000 mile v35 engine with a crank shim failing

now sporting a v35 gear’ed v50 monza conversion

goes like stink and two up with luggage the v35 box’ed with big valve monza engine with smaller v35 carbs gives a lovely torquey ride with loads of grunt!

3000 rpm drop in usable power has been worth all the grief.

smaller 24mm carbs with big valve heads gives fantastic throttle responce

Sounds good Ian. I didn’t realise it was the V35 engine that had blown up, I thought you swapped it for a bit more power.My project is moving along, been working on the Targa engine to fit in the Lario, All has fitted on OK with the clutch and alternator. Got the Rita pick up on the end of the cam, It should be ready to put back in fairly soon. I have also just agreed to buy a Lario head, barrel and piston from Italy to repair the original engine!

plan originally was winter upgrade for more power , but got sudden nasty dry noise slowly come on ( Ray heard and said sounded wrong) and found a shim from crank sat in well under crank

decided best to scrap v35 lump for parts as center of crank damaged

oh nice if you get stuck with ignition give me up a shoutguzzi-v352014-08-22 21:11:38