V35 starter

Hi everyone, new to the forum so I thought that I would start with a success story.
Starting has been a bit hit and miss since we bought the Imola two years ago. Keeping the battery topped up seemed to help but was never fail safe. Part of the reason behind getting the Imola was to have something to tinker with so I decided to dive in and take the starter apart.
No drama in stripping it down although I did need to use my impact driver on the main screws.
When I took the back end / brushed holder off the problem was plain to see. Water had got into the starter and two of the brushes were seized. After a quick search on the internet I decided that it was unlikely that I would find a new brush holder so gradually removed all of the crud and rust and freed up the brushes. The commutator looked a bit clogged so I scraped out the insulators , reassembled and hey presto a Guzzi that starts like new. Total cost nothing and the joy of a job done.

I did take some photos but they vanished from my Ipad before I backed them up!, (don’t rely on Folders to keep something safe on an IPad!)

Next job the rear brake caliper.


[quote=“MoriniPete”]. Total cost nothing .
Next job the rear brake caliper.
/quote]You have the making of a long term Guzzi owner!.rear brake calipier should be a easy job but check the small ‘O’ ring between the two calipier halves as it is easy to lose it and hard to find in a crowded garage/shed.

I refurbished all my calipers on my V50 with almost no experience and a worthwhile job it was too.

Thanks for the write-up Pete, all useful stuff