v35 v v50 tyres

managed to get myself a proper english workshop manual for a v35 / v50

interestingly it shows the wheel and tyre spec

both bikes have the same size wheels but the tyres are one size up on the v50

after the handling night mare with the t5 I’m keen to not mess up the v35’s nice handling ( even on wet roads with new heidenau tyres!)

the v35 spec says 90/90-18’s on the front and 100/90-18 rear

the v50 spec says 100/90-18’s on the front and 100/90-18’s rear

if I am reading it right both bike’s chassis and wheels are the same so I could fit the 100/90 on the front and not worry?

90/90-18 is a awkward size as there are not many tyres available

I have to say the Heidenau tyre’s seem to work really well, and I’m shocked to report that, far more confident on them than I was ever on the t5 even on a dry sunny summers day!

guzzi-v352013-12-31 08:11:41

Well, as I said in the previous thread on this, I have the 90/90 on the front of my V50, and the handling is perfect. On my Spada III, I had a 120/90 on the rear and a 110/90 on the front. The handling was awful, it would drop into slow corners,you had to push hard on the inside handlebar to stop it falling over. It was also very hard work at high speed.I dropped the front down to a 100/90 and the bike was transformed, all those problems instantly dissapeared.Since both frames are very similar, I would recommend the smaller section tyre.However it’s your call. Fit the larger one if more convenient, but is convenience the only factor? Generally all Tonti framed bikes work best with thinner tyres.Seems to me you had a problem with the T5, so best not to try to compare.

im torn between rock and hard place, prob due to the t5…

none of the tyres I would like come in 90/90-18 , avon road rider seem to be the main option but after having 2 fail on the t5 I’m not keen on fitting them again

will have another look about for 90/90-18 but I’m half tempted to leave the Heidenau’s on as they seem quite competent, especially in this weather i have a level of confidence that the t5 never gave

Nothing wrong with Heidenau Tyres. I had them on an MZ and they were fine.

If you have tyres on the bike now which are working fine and not worn out, why go to the trouble and expense of replacing them?Seems to me you are searching for a problem that doesn’t exist. You clearly had a problem with your previous bike, but this was specific to this particular model and wheel size.The same does not, in any way, apply to the small block.Equally tyres were not the cause of your earlier problem.
Brian UK2014-01-01 09:41:34