v50 11

Hello, I’ve just purchased a v50 11, can anyone advise me “what sensible mods are?”

i fitted a bar mounted front brake master cylinder to mine so i could dump the cable operated remote one.

k & n and a dyno setup session helps with performance

deep sump conversion ( if you can get a small block sump extenton) to increase oil capacityguzzi-t52013-10-22 19:21:37

How do you fit a Dyno on a V50 II?

You put the v50 on the dyno!!

Hello, and thanks for the suggestions on “mods” for a v50, i have another problem,when stopping,say in any gear,(but first),when i try to change down, nothing is there,slip the clutch, still nothing. “a gearbox with 5 gears and 14 neutrals”

Set up the clutch as per the manual
Set up the gear pedal as per the manual

Manuals on line free “This old tractor” or Greg Bender

That usually helps with smoother gearchanges and less false neutrals

is the linkage loose, or any of the rose joints worn ?

have set a larger pin in the joint, so there is no slack on the gear foot leaverif i go back up the gears,just one , then i can find the next down shift,( if in third,cannot find second,back to third and into second,) its going up, to find the next one down.i can stop in 4, and there is nothing going down,even after slipping the clutch.