V50 3 Clutch

The clutch push rod locates in the centre of this plate. How deep should the centre be?

If you’re not in hurry , I will dig these plates out, but due to crammed garage this won’t be this or next week. Personally, I would look somewhere else to solve the issue, as I suspect you got a problem with unpleasant clutch actuation, or, with constantly disappearing , or rather arising, clutch pushrod free play. Am I right?

I was running out of adjustment when the bike was hot. I found the clutch disc 3/4 worn and the cush drive broken. I would have expected the adjustment to cope with the wear. (Not excessive). All the other push rod parts are not excessively worn. I’m getting some S/H push rod parts and a new disc from Gutsibits. He’s also sending a S/H plate and I will compare the two. Just wanted to know the best way to repair the worn plate.