V50 block plastic covers

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement black plastic cap? It sits on the right side of the gearbox / clutch housing just in front of the the gearbox oil filler plug. I have a workshop manual but the part, though shown, is not numbered.

Is this the bung you remove to check the timing? If so, I would imagine any suitable sized blanking grommet would do.

£1.49 from Gutsibits, :-

Universal Part: Plug Timing Inspection Hole
p/n ENA93220

You can order on line or call them direct

its an odd bit of rubber, have lost a normal grommet in the bell housing before so I stuck with the proper part

I notice they can tend to shrink with age and go loose, whether it’s the heat I dunno.

Thanks for the information!

I have just got one of these…its blooming huge…still working out how I am going to fit it…multi-purpose grease didn’t help so wondering if some kind of gentle warming might help.