v50 brake bleeding

Hi i have to bleed the brakes on my v50.The right hand front is done but i want to know do i bleed first the rear or the front on the linked brakes.

I’ve just fully rebuilt my V50 brakes with new seals in all the master and slave cylinders with new HEL hoses. I backwards bleed mine with a syringe first and then started with proper bleeding with the front one as its furthest away from the master cylinder which is what you do with car, van and lorry brakes.


I’ve got the same issue on my targa. Front right brake was easy to bleed, but the back and front left were more difficult.
I got a hold of a system that used tyre pressure to blow the fluid from the master cylinder through the system and out through the bleed nipple, which worked fine for the rear brake / but isn’t doing anithing to the front brake. Is there something I’m missing, like another valve I should be loosening, or should I be bleeding both rear and front left at the same time, or is there another master cylinder I should be looking for?
I’m sure it’s bleeding obvious, but I’m learning as I go here…

Was this ever solved?

Hi i did get the brakes sorted.With help from my missus we first bled the front and then the rear .There was a lot of air in the system which took a bit of time not to say fluid to get out but the brakes are a lot better .New pads were fitted so they need bedding in
Cheers Syrup Head

I’ve no clue why, and it surely must be a change in the law of physics, but I’ve always had more luck bleeding linked brakes than the single front.

Single fronts should be self bleeding except where you have clip-ons.
Fill up with new fluid, cable tie hand lever back overnight, pump lever in the morning.
Sometimes a run is needed to get rid of a recalcient air bubble but that should be all.
Edited to add 'as brake bleeding is an important safety issue the above is slightly tongue in cheek.
But only slightly.
I also use a large syringe and suck through.