V50 Brake Calipers

I’m in the process of overhauling a P05 Brembo caliper. I’ve got the kits off Gutsibits no problem.
Any one know the torque settings for the two bolts that hold the halves together?


Hi Steve, Couldn’t you ascertain the torque at the point of stripping down …? It only involves a chalk mark, or a tiny indent with a centre punch, on the bolt head and another next to that, on the caliper … Slacken off with a suitably long bar, and then use the torque wrench ( at a stupid low setting), to tighten up … The marks will obviously not line up … Keep increasing poundage, and tightening further… Soon your marks will line up … Then, read scale on side of torque wrench … An old practice, taught to me in the first months of my apprenticeship … I hope this is of use, Regards, Tony

Hi Tony,
No luck there. I had to drill the bolts out.
I know the torque of standard 8mm bolts and the torque of a 10.9 grade. Sometimes manufacturers put a bit of stretch on, especially when working with a hard material and no gasket.
I’m sure the standard figures will work but wondered if there was an official figure.

Found the answer.
Page 111 workshop manual. 24 - 29 :smiley: