V50 Cranks

a mate of mine is rebuilding a V50 the owner ran the crank by forgetting to check the oil
he was going to buy a crank and rods off ebay but some bloke selling it only wanted to sell him the crank, and the rods seperataly
apparently there are two types, colour coded and they must be matched
the ones he was offered did not match
I managed to buy a complete bike cheaply through a contact slight accident damage years ago and then left, tatty but the crank is ok
why are people stripping engines and trying to sell them in bits ?
I paid 200 quid for a complete rusty bike with bent forks
so we have an engine gearbox swingarm and lots of useful bits most of which have been sold very cheaply to other V50 riding mates

easy to answer a lot of the people selling them are intrested in the money
and parts are worth more than complete bikes,
I was having this discussion earlier with Guzzibear,
I have on shelves 5 round barrell engines along with a choice of gearboxes inc convert ones enough bits to build a spada and a t3 all bought with intention of building them and then selling them, but its not rocket science if i split the bits and ebay them i can get most likley 4 times the price even more if i spend a bit of time and do what most people dont do and that is clean the bits for the bikes,
Time / work commitments are dictating that the bikes will be split and sold as parts, but i am trying to hold out will see how the next few months pan out

Yep the parts are worth more than a complete bike, which is why breakers exist. Just look at the sum of parts as listed at any of the breakers and you will realise how much a bike is worth as bits as opposed to a rolling chassis.

What is amusing tho’ is how some parts if from bikes like “Le Mans” have a bigger asking price when many of the cycle parts are exactly the same on other road bikes.

Same goes for engines like some 950 road bike engines command more than others when the engine is the same one fitted.

I guess the answer as always is do the research. Saw a wanted ad for Le Mans 3 footrests, bet they are the same as the other road bikes of the time.

The worst of it is, a perfectly good engine is dismantled then somebody else is trying to make theirs work with parts that may not be a best match (take into account disimilar wear rates for example), plus all the attendant possibilities of ballsing up the rebuild. Mind you I notice Pete Morecombe can still offer complete engines / gearboxes ‘undisturbed’, so he’s got the right sort of idea.
Mike H2013-02-10 13:42:49