V50 Engine through bolt seized

Anyone had a situation where the bottom through bolt in the lower crank case seizes completely. I have tried tapping it from the nut end and rotating it with ring spanner from the bolt head end but neither seem to move it. Thinking of impact wrench to break the seal. Presume it is corrosion between the alloy crank case tube and steel bolt . Any tips out there?


Soak the bolt ends with something like PlusGas overnight, if you can lean the bike on one side one night and the other side the next day/night you will be able to apply a decent amount, whilst a ring spanner is ok most times a good quality socket will be a better bet, a cheap socket could well round off the bolt edges so be carefull, if it is safe to apply some heat to the area around the bolt so much the better, you dont want to start attacking the bolt with anything like a hammer unless you have tried other more gentle ways first

when using the socket/ring spanner try tightening the bolt first as this can sometimes help break the rust seal.,
apart from that if it wont come out just tell it that “if you dont come out you are going to be exchanged for a Honda”, might work.

What Bob said but better is to liberally spray 2 or 3 times a day for 2 weeks before attacking it.
I have unsiezed 2 front engine mounting bolts that way.
A liberal amount of grease or copperslip when you reassemble is a good idea.

Try soaking with a 50/50 mix of acetone (= nail varnish remover) and ATF (automatic transmission fluid)

No help most immediately, but after the event; I loosen and turn mine at every service.

If you grease it up properly then this isn’t needed.
What you can do doing that is wipe the grease away an place 2 bare metals together.
Grease it and forget it till the next time you need it.
Was my spelling ok for you :smiley: .

I think that was probly top all round. Ta.

If anyone’s wondering the grease insulates the metals electrically thus preventing the electrolysis effect however it works that promotes corrosion of the aluminium. Which of course results in oxide deposits on the surface, hence the gap getting bunged up and seizing the bolt.

Could get plus gas for love nor money. Soaked in WD40 over night and then got friend with Hex head socket and long bar to gain some movement. All sorted.

Thanks for all the tipsÂ

Thank goodness for that!