V50 forks

I took the forks out of my V50 Mk 3 at the weekend and could not believe how tight the bottom yokes were!!
I completely removed the pinch bolts in the upper and lower forks and they would not budge a mm.
I ended up having to use a large socket as a drift on the top of the fork and knocking them out with a lump hammer.
When I replaced them I drove a small cold chisel into the split on the yoke to try and open the holes and even then I couldn`t get the tubes back in so I had to spend ages opening up the bottom yoke holes a smidgeon with emery paper. Is this normal? The top yoke was the usual sliding fit with slight resistance.

I used a very wide cold chisel on my lemon.

I take it this is normal then. An example of dodgy engineering!

Wash your mouth out, dodgy engineering on a Guzzi indeed.