V50 Gear Change

Help please:- My V50 Monza will not go into 1st gear about 50% of the time from neutral. Neutral light goes out, clutch appears to be working OK, as I can disengage drive once in gear no problem, but gear lever feels like it is up against a stop, and cannot quite engage 1st. Once going, I can change down into 1st OK.

Is there some kind of adjustment possible, or is it a gear box strip/renewal?

I also sometimes get false neutrals between gears, but from others’ comments, am led to believe that this is one of Guzzi’s little quirks?

Thanks in advance for your help.


It has a straight cut gear box , next time it won’t go into first try rolling the bike forward a little to allow the gears to mesh

My v35 has 6000 miles from new and has 5 gears and as many neutrals on a bad day!!

Check the gear linkage is set up so the arms work at 90 degree angles, also look out for too much slack in the links.Do you have similar problems changing down through the box from other gears?

With my Monza I find that if you select 1st gear immediately that you pull in the clutch lever while the gearbox internals are still rotating it will go in every time. If you wait for more than a second or two after pulling in the clutch lever it won’t always go in.

A slow-ish and deliberate action with the gear change lever seems to be required for reliable gear selection when the gearbox oil is cold. Once it’s warm I don’t get too many problems with false neutrals.

Additional to what Don said, be sure pedal has not reached the limit of its travel, if so as he said check linkage adjustments, needs raising a bit.

I had my V50 when it was new.

Even then, and it still does it today, when cold , if you feel the gear lever come up against a “stop” whilst pressing for first, let the clutch out slowly whilst keeping pressure on the gear lever, it then slides in nicely.

No such prob with my V50. BUT make sure the arm on the back of the gearbox is horizontal. Check all rose joints for slop. Make sure you are not using up lots of travel just in free play at the joints.