V50 II battery earth strap

Just finishing a rebuild of my 1980 V50 II to near original/standard with original components and have had to sort out the general birds nest of cables. That reg/rect cluster is a challenge! I think I’m almost there but need guidance on a basic question.
Where does the thick earth strap fit to the frame in the original setup. Given the length of the original item and its curvature I still can’t find a suitable candidate.
Any suggestions?

From memory, which could be wrong, I think it goes to one of the rear brake master cylinder mounting bolts.

Brian is right, excuse poor picture but its dark out side!the earth wire is bolted to the rear of the far left small (10mm) bolt (1 off 2) below the brake master cyclinder along ( behind the right hand side panel) with another earth wire from wherever, I will check it out in the daylight tomorrow.Tuesday 0945Have just looked at the other earth wire and it goes to the nearby brake light switch.

northwest2013-12-10 09:46:50

Just make sure you have a metal to metal contact. A star lock washer between the terminal and frame helps.

Good advice then smear vaseline over the top. I well remember painting the frame with the engine out, then forgetting to make sure the earth was contacting bare metal, OOOOhhhhh the aggro that caused untill I felt so silly

Thanks guys,
Just checked on mine and the curve goes straight there now I know what I’m looking for.

Different bike but I bolt my earth straps (Tonti frame bikes) directly to the gearbox housing - nice clean earth!

The V50 I am doing up had two bolts on either side of the battery tray with several earths on each one…is that expected way of mounting earths, all in one place to save hunting for problems?

Mine has earth connections on both brake master cylinders.