V50 II Coil Wiring

I figured I’d start a new post after the last one got hijacked by the zoologist branch. (It’s given me the right 'ump).

A question for the collective - I’ve swapped the wires between coils a number of times, and possible one less than I’d thought and hence the presumed mis-diagnosis of a coil failure (Did he switch the coils six times or only five?). So I’m not sure which side should be which now.

I have a factory manual, which shows the coils on one side of the diagram, though one more right than the other. If I read that literally then;

Right side is the yellow/black feed
Left side is the blue/black feed

Except by my reckoning I should be the other way around. I don’t want to be piddling around later having to do swapsies so can anyone here confirm?


V35 Imola import RHS coil. Any use?

Thanks for taking the time for that - but not really. Looks like an orange wire and a black wire. The orange wire is common, the black wire actually will have some other colour stripe in with it. Interesting to see the different layout for the coils on your bike though.

And the answer is …

Right side is the blue/black feed
Left side is the yellow/black feed

According to the factory workshop manual you are correct, coincidentally that is the way it is shown on the pdf copy I sent you :smiley:

My earlier confusion is that the coil on the left in the diagram is actually the right coil. That was better labelled in your pdf - which has actually come out laminated here, albeit in A4 size. It’s like magic really isn’t it.

Once I’ve taken at a peer at the Loop this weekend I’m hoping I might get time to start tracking the problem.

There are two problems generally with Guzzi wiring diagrams, firstly the left coil is on the right and right coil is on the left in the diagram as you have noticed, that is why I label them on my diagrams, and secondly if the two coils have red and green wire feeds they are red for starboard and green for port which is opposite to nautical convention. I know it is a bike and not a boat but guess how I found out the colours were reversed!

Problem seems to be with one of the main ign boxes. I have ordered a used but supposedly working one to swap in. Hopefully it will be here for next weekend.

Pic on the FB page.

have you tried, www. thisoldtractor.com-guzzi ? coloured diagram of all the wiring

Chris950 dun me one. And it is just perfect. Recommended.

Bike now running on two with a transplanted ign box.

Carl Allison’s drawings are very good but I have found a few errors on some of the models, generally these are wrong colours with blue and black swapped, the only other problem is that you would have to print them at A1 to be able to read them if not viewed on a computer. Please see http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=16390 for more details :smiley: