V50 II Exhaust studs.

I’m due to be pulling down my pals V50 on Sunday to make a clutch swap. The part of the job that I’m sweating is removing the exhaust. On the V50 the studs are just a wee M6 size. I’m guessing that they have never been off since the bike left the factory. I’ve asked said pal to keep applying WD40 in anticipation this last month or two. Any hints or tips on how best to proceed … ?

I have had the exhaust off my Breva, V35 Imola II and XPA. The XPA and V35 came apart no problem after a wire brushing and a doucing in releasing agent.
The Breva’s are made of cheese and had to have the heads off to drill them out.
You should be fine with a V50.

In fact they were a lot cleaner than expected. And having had my pal blowing them over with WD40 this past few weeks they came apart OK. Me overthinking things again.

Had bad issues with the retaining screws for the plastic alternator cover. Took some impact driving and associated butchery. Those will be replaced with stainless. Slight issue with the captive nuts for the mounting bolts at the back of the gearbox, but ultimately they were OK.

Hideous problem with the ign wiring - see separate thread.