V50 Lighting

I am wondering what is the best route to go down with regards the headlight on my '79 V50…LED? or traditional type of bulb…Nightbreaker type…or something else? Maybe LED in the ‘side light’ (it does have one of those doesn’t it??) for daytime running and a normal bulb in the main? In reality it is unlikely that I will be out on this bike at night, but want it bright so as to be seen by other traffic. I am probably going to put LED’s in the indicators and stop/tail light.

cafe racer2014-01-13 18:56:57

Not yet seen a LED that is a strakght swap for a normal bulb?

I have fitted an LED pilot bulb. As much use as a f**t in a space suit, hardly any light output. I have since fitted a LED light under the main headlamp for day time use, about £3-00 delivered from Hong Kong!

All my bulbs are led apart from Headlight and charge light
all come from Autobulbs direct not cheap but never had one fail yet
there range of 360 degree stop tails are bloody fantastic
and indicator bulbs come in 360 pattern worth a look http://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/?source=webgains&siteid=99124[/URL]

give up cant get clicky to work MODS please help
Ex smokingbiker2014-01-13 21:19:38

Don’t even think about an LED replacement for the main headlight bulb, unless you are a fan of riding blindfold at night.
See the other thread on bright light bulbs.Brian UK2014-01-13 23:08:47

Go to Paul Goffs homepage!
Here you will find all you need in Quarts Halogen - tungsten, and abundance of LEDs - together with turn signal “systems” etc.

Well I have bought some new indicators, suitable flasher unit and a twin light stop/tail light and will replace them all with LED’s…either from the place I got the lights from or from Goffy’s which has a massive selection! I am hoping to find a combined stop/tail/number plate bulb that has red LED’s for the stop/tail and perhaps a single white LED pointing downwards to illuminate the number plate. The ones I have seen have 6 white LED’s going all round the bulb which I think will negate the advantage of using red LED’s…hope that makes sense and someone can post up a link for something suitable.

I have not seen one
my breva has a red stop tail led lamp
works well and does not succumb to vibration
however you can get small LED white lamps for car number plates
perhaps you could fit one of those at an angle in the lamp housing ?

I got this it works


But there are many others I fitted it to the underside of the Givi rack on the V1000 as you can’t see the rear lights very well once a rack is fitted, easy to wire in took ten mins

What’s the advantage of using red LEDs, apart from the fact that they are usually cheaper. You are using a red lens?Yellow LEDs are good to illuminate the back numberplate.

Paul Goff has what you ask for!
A tiny “roundel” with no less than 12 red LEDs - and 4 White LEDs pointing downwards to the number plate.
The “trick thing” about those LEDs are, that by normal driving, they give out a decent red light - but by braking, the same LEDs give out a extremely powerfull STOP red light - all with no more battery drein than 3 watt…
Furthermore, this device can tolerate both neg. AND pos. ground!
I have this rear LED light board on all my 5 motorcycles - Works very, very good.lasse2014-01-16 12:36:59

I am led to believe that there is an advantage gained by using red LED’s to shine through a red lens as they are more intense than simply using white LED’s to shine through a red lens.

Is it this to which you refer…http://www.norbsa02.freeuk.com/goffyleds.htmdescribed as “MK2 LED Stop/Tail Lightboards 6V/12V +/- earth”?

They look very interesting. I see he does 6V versions that could be good for the Stornello. When you only have a maximum of 28W lighting output, every little saving helps.Has anyone tried these? I have used some LED lamps off Ebay and they were useless.

It’s marginal at best. And since red LEDs just put out one frequency of light, you could get less light out of the back if the lens is not the same colour. White light won’t be affected, neither would a red LED and clear lens.
Brian UK2014-01-17 10:21:09

So this LED bulb would be suitable for a stop/tail with white light for the number plate?


x 44MM
red LEDs facing rearward and 6 radially mounted white that give white
numberplate lighting and / or light up the whole of the lens

Is it a stop/tail light, with two independent lights? Doesn’t say this.

As already told, I have a number of these in use…
It looks like the one pictured must be an uprated and even better version!
As for the aformentioned red light, beeing “killed” by a red plastic lens - I must say it directly: Bullpooh
In my various (old and new- different types) of rearlights - I have a very powerful RED light shining!
Far better than the original tungsten bulbs.
So just go ahead!

No-one said “killed”, But there could be a possibility of less light.You can get more light depending on the type of LED used.

Here is the link to the page…not sure how to make it a clicky (perhaps someone can enlighten me please)…which says it is stop/tail light…http://www.norbsa02.freeuk.com/goffyleds.htm
cafe racer2014-01-18 14:20:38