V50 MK 11 barrel in good condition

Does anybody have a good usable barrel for a Moto Guzzi V50 MK 11 to replace one of mine that has some damage to the Nikasil coating at the top of the cylinder. Happy to buy a pair if in good usable condition.

You might be able to get that barrel replated if you can’t find another.

Hi Cyclobutch,

Thanks for your comment regarding my listing for a V50 barrel. I have looked at getting it re-coated and this option is my plan B should a good usable one not be available. There are several company’s offering this service and just need to find the right one who can do a good job. Any recommendations from anybody who has used one would be most welcome.
I have also tried Gutsibits and they have none in stock at the moment

No longer looking for a barrel as I have had my pair recoated in Nikasil by Langcourt Ltd.

Wanted listing now closed