V50 mk 3 tank badge removal

I am about to have all the red bits on my V50 MK3 re-sprayed but am worried about removal of the tank badges which will be necessary. They appear to be glued on but I am not sure and don’t want to damage anything. Any help appreciated.

(Moved to tech)guzzibear2012-09-30 16:29:49

Use a hair dryer to warm them and prise off gently, they should be held in with spigots on the back and small metal split collars in the holes BUT many , like me also use bostik which works and stops the holes getting very corroded BUT does need some heat to allow you to pull them off.

many thanks for that I will give it a go and let you know

I use a wide bladed palet knife but I also have a plastic guard so it does not scratch the tank, the badges are alloy and can bend