V50 mk2 Carb Problems

I have been having problems setting the idle mixture and have found that the intake on the LHS in this picture seems to be blocked.


On the other carb if I blow through it with carb cleaner I can see the spray coming out of a small vertical hole the other side of the slide which I assume is the idle jet outlet… I have tried for hours with a ultrasonic cleaner , carb cleaner and poking fine wires into it but with no success.

 My question is would it be possible to drill out the blanking plug from below and perhaps sealing it with Araldite, for example, after clearing the blockage ?.Â

Many thanks :confused:

Not many responses on this one yet. Commencing any machining operations on the carb could well be a one way trip of course, and as such I guess can only be considered an action of last resort. Assuming that the machining doesn’t wreck it then any adhesive that isn’t susceptible to petrol or ethanol might seal things up again after. I have used one of the metal based ones on the bottom of my RH carb covering where the clutch cable rubs the float bowl and can report that seems pretty impervious, can’t remember what it was called though. Like a metal putty really – it is a two pack.

I had a trial run on an old worn  dellorto I had and after using a hand held drill bit I did manage to drill out the plug successfully. The internal hole which I believe to be blocked is minute.
After some consideration I will continue the ultrasonic treatment a while longer and hope for the best. I should add that the bike this is from has been off the road since the 1980s but the other carb seem to clean up quite easily.

Carb looks quite furry in the photo so guessing the pilot hole is furred up. (Aluminium oxide.) Doubt carb cleaner will shift that and I don’t believe ultrasonic cleaning is the magic cure-all that most people seem to think it is. So I’d have to resort to poking it with wire…

I’ve tried that Mike and will continue to do so. The hole at the end of the inlet is at a 90 degree angle and it is minute.
 I agree with you about ultrasonic cleaning and have given up on that, I think it is destroying the carb . Â

Presumably that hole was drilled, so there has to be clear inline access for the drill I would have thought.

Yes Mike, as I said above , I have drilled through the bottom of a scrap dellorto and I can see there the hole which I believe is blocked. Â

I’ve admitted defeat on this and bought another carburettor.Â

Many thanks to those that offered advice but I need to get back on the road again. :slight_smile: