V50 MKIII Bosch Upgrade and Dyna S ingnition

I have just invested in a Dyna S Electronic ignition Kit and a Bosch alternator upgrade kit.
I am having a few issues and was wondering if anyone else has fitted the above together.

  1. The PCD (pitch circle diamater) of the Bosch stator housing plates, do not marry up with the bolts holes in the housing. They are very close but do not allow you to run the three bolts in freely by finger tip. All threaded holes have been cleaned using a plug tap and checked with a new bolt.

  2. The outer diameters of both the Dyna S electronic ignition backing plate and the housing plate of the Bosch alternator come into conflict. The two cannot be fitted together.

N.B. I will be in contact with the supplier on Monday, to advise of these issues

Thanks in advance

Bill Harrison