V50 Monza Dog Leg Levers

Does anyone know if you can get dog leg levers for the V50 Monza as the better half is struggling to reach the standard levers?


You may end up going along the same route as me and others who have opted for later model Guzzi carriers, levers etc.
Well worth the effort and it’s easy enough to swap back to original if necessary.
All the best

Cool, thought about going Ducati with matching switchgear, but the clutch lever was vexing me a little.

V50 perch and lever is the same as the big twins right? I remember back in the day I managed to source some dog leg levers for my Veefer. I was still running the cable brake for the front back then so you had to use a clutch lever and turn it over for that side. No clue where they would have come from, but there may still be some about.

My 1991 NTX/XPA has dog legs and the switchgear/mounts are the same as similar vintage Ducatis.
Interestingly breakers ask a lot less for the Ducati than the Guzzi braded parts.
All the best

An easy way to bring the levers nearer to the bars is to fit a thick washer with a slot cut into it at the point where the cable enters  the levers. This has worked for me for years on my Morini .