V50 Monza Headlamp

Recently bought a Monza. Headlamp frame has what looks like riveted on little adjuster brackets that have gone wobbly, and big plastic block on bottom offside for left/right adjustment is badly worn. Net result;- headlamp wobbles in frame, and previous owner jammmed it in place in the fairing with bits of plastic tube. Any idea where I can buy a new frame and adjusters? Have scoured the ‘net’, but can’t find any. Might be same as those on Le Mans, but can’t find for that model either. thanks, Mal
Multihullmalc2013-04-28 00:48:38

have you tried Guzzibits same head light as mk2 onwards and spade 3
Regards Keith

Pete at Reboot?

Tried Gutsibits, & they have the little plastic inserts that go on the headlamp itself, so have ordered some of those, but they don’t list the adjuster or frame. Will try Reboot, hadn’t heard of them. Thanks all for replies.