V50 oil drip from breather unit - solved (I hope)

Some time ago, in the Old Forum, I posted about the problem I was having with my 1979 V50II which had an oil drip from the small rubber tube under the air filter/breather unit. It was OK when I rode it home after buying it, but the fault came on soon after. I had, in the meantime, given it a service (oil change, new air filter etc.) but didn’t think that could have caused the problem. There were various replies - it was even suggested that such a drip might be normal (on a Guzzi?) - but I ended up running it with a makeshift catch-bottle for quite a while.Eventually, the time came to renew the air filter again - not my favourite job, I must admit - and the drips stopped. It has now done 2000 drip-free miles so I conclude that, when replacing the air filter the first time, something went back out of alignment. If anyone else has this problem, I can but recommend the advice on page 54 of the Workshop Manual: “The re-assembly operation is made easier if a reference mark is traced on each component [etc.]” Oddly enough, I recently found that someone had posted exactly the same problem on Fixya.com - but that was back in 2008, and it never got an anwer. The owner has probably sold the bike in disgust long since.

hopefully its fixed!

i have had 3 guzzi that all leak in the same place :frowning:, my monza powered v35 I have removed the breather system. I have connected the rocker box pipes to a brass Y pipe and then a long length to the rear of bike.

I blocked the sump return with a suitable bolt and washer.

Its quite concerning the amount of mayo that a cold guzzi enigne spits into the breather, much happier that is not dropping in to the sump nowguzzi-v352014-09-14 15:04:51

Yes, my Monza used to drip a little oil out of the breather pipe. Likewise I used a catch bottle which was in fact an old camera film canister (pre-digital cameras.) The lid could easily be removed to empty when required and clipped back in place.Â

Mine has had a propensity to dump oil out of the breather assembly from time to time, and some times quite copiously - ending up with quite a pool on top of the g/box. I think that bodgy little ball valve in there can get stuck from time to time. And it’s definitely more prevalent if you run the oil level at more than half way up the stick.