V50 Piston Clips

Has anyone on here fitted circlips to their V50 pistons? At the moment Iam trying to fit them and Iam finding the job almost impossible.Do I need a special tool or have I been sold the incorrect parts?Unfortunately I don’t have the originals,they measure 20mm across the diameter,the gudgeon pin measures 15mm.I have fitted many circlips to pistons,but this is my first Guzzi.
Intrestingly,Guzziology recommend changing them every time you take an engine apart , due to the gudgeon pin possibly wearing against the circlip

Have you got V50 3 circlips? The pins are 18mm.

For what it’s worth and having just done this about 2 weeks ago, I found them dead easy to fit and none of them went flying round the garage. I just used a pair of taper-nosed pliers. They are thinner than most clips I’ve encountered and clicked in easily. By the way, I didn’t replace them, none of them showed any signs of wear, damage or weakening. If you are having a struggle, check the size of the clips - I can’t measure mine now, but I would estimate about 17 or 18mm when not compressed, less than 20mm anyway. Good luck with it!

If I’ve had the wrist pin out and then refitted then I’ve always replaced that clip I removed with new. That on advice from somewhere – I’ve never reused a clip that was removed. As posted above, they should just fit.

Yeah think Haynes says always fit new clips, just to be certain.

I always fit new circlips if I’ve taken the old ones out but wouldn’t fit new otherwise.

Without a doubt the general advice is to replace piston circlips as it is to replace big end nuts & bolts. However I keep hitting minor problems which make it difficult to do. For example I bought new big end nuts & bolts for my Trident, but I couldn’t get the old bolts out of the con rods and I decided it was less risky to re-use the old bolts, which seemed perfectly OK, than to use force and/or heat trying to extract them. I did use the new nuts. On my Moto Morini, the piston circlips are similar to the Guzzi ones, with a curled-in end which makes it easy to extract them. However the new circlips have no curled-in end, so I can’t see how you get them out again without damaging the piston - so since the old ones seemed perfect, I re-used them. Finally, whenever possible, I leave one circlip in, I don’t disturb it at all.

On the V50, I didn’t intend to remove the pistons, since I was only in there to replace the pushrod tunnel O-rings. However I hadn’t realised that the pistons don’t fully emerge from the crankcase, so it was going to be too difficult and risky to scrape off all the bits of old gasket (which were a pig to remove) with the piston in place. I hadn’t got new circlips as I didn’t think I’d be using them, so I re-used the old ones which seemed to me to be perfect.

None of these things has given me a problem (yet!) so my strategy is to replace these things if it is convenient to do so, or if there is a clear problem with the old one. Otherwise I re-use and don’t worry about it. I may yet be proved wrong!

Thankyou so much for your input.I probably got MK 3 circlips,that would make sense,if the gudgeon pin is 18mm in diameter,and the clips I got are 20mm diameter
Mine as said previously,are 15 diameter gudgeon pins (MK2).I will keep you all posted,on this matter.

Got the circlips from Harpers,U.S.A. took just a week to get here,
so if anyone wants some MK3 piston circlips ,I have 4.Just pm me.