V50 Speedo

I have reversed the fork sliders on my 1979 V50 in order to have the brake calipers at the rear of the sliders rather than out front simply for aesthetics. Because of this the front wheel spindle and the various washers/spacers has to go in from the other side now meaning that the speedo drive is also on the opposite side to its original placement. My question is…is the speedo going to run backwards now?!?
If so, is there a replacement that runs in the opposite direction or a suitable workaround to ensure I can keep the brake calipers where they are now? Many thanks.

You may well be the guinea pig, here, Caff.
You could try reversing polarity if negative speeds are recorded :question:
Terry Pratchett would get a book out of this :wink:


I think the direction of rotation is reversed, yes.

Yeah, it has to be doesn’t it. Unless you turn the wheel around as well. (Sorry). I must admit I like the aesthetics of having the callipers at the front, there was only a couple of years that they did this on bikes until it was discredited.

Think i will be going back to stock…thanks for the replies.