V50 throttle cable

Hello all, I have just started the rebuild of my V50 II. The work done so far is as follows:-
wheels powder coated
frame blasted and painted( I personally do not like powder coated frames)
Forks rebuilt with new chrome tubes, seals etc
Calipers painted and re-sealed, I have also made stainless steel pistons for them all.

So I have been gathering together the parts that I require to finish it. I bought some aftermarket switchgear for both sides, and the right hand set is already set up for a single throttle cable. What I was wondering was if anyone else had used a single throttle cable with a splitter to run a cable to each carb?
Also it says the carb needle should be in the second slot, is this from the top or the bottom of the needle? Only ask this as the parts have arrived to rebuild the carbs so I better get them done.
There is still a bit of work to be done, like the front loom has had all the cables to the idiot lights chopped of as the previous owner had tried to make a bad job of a cafe racer, as can be seen below, this is what I started with.
I hope you do not mind a few questions because I may need a little more help from you in the future!


Talk to Venhill as they can do a set up like thst for lemons.
And they make very good cables, brake lines etc.

Feked.com do a range of universal cables and a splitter unit, you could probably configure something from their range to suit your needs.

Or as Ian says above Venhill are very good and would make specials to order.Don-Spada2013-01-15 14:06:30

Thanks for all the suggestions, I see that venhill do a kit of the very thing I want, so it looks like this will be the one to go for.
I plan to do this up as a runner not a show bike. I have always fancied a Guzzi for years now, so when this one came available I had to have it. It has been off the road since 1993 and had a broken valve guide and a very leaky fuel tank. Hopefully it will be a quick rebuild and I can get it back on the road amd maybe do some club runs.
Cheers again

Nice one. Where abouts in the country are you?

Carlisle in sunny Cumbria
I have put new rings, valve guide, valve and stem seals in the rh cylinder. Do you all set the valve gaps to the spec in the manual?


I stick with standard gaps on the tappets, certainly no tighter. Can’t remember what they should be of the top of my head. It is easy to cock up the settings as the marks and different strokes can be confusing. I always use the ICEO method. Inlet closing exhaust opening
Remove the rocker covers and plugs and put the bike in top
gear. Roll the bike forwards until an exhaust valve just starts to open.
Without moving the bike, set the inlet tappet on the same side. Next
roll the bike back till the inlet valve just starts to open. Now set the
exhaust tappet for that same cylinder.
Then repeat for the other side.

You should be able to download a free manual for the V50 from Guzzitek website. Also the parts manual and handbook should all be available. All for free.

Thanks, I have the manual, it came with the bike.
PS. Is there any specific area of the forum to do a build log of the bike, someone may get some use from some of my ramblings?