v5011 gearbox issue

I need feedback from a member who has had a similar issue which they got diagnosed and fixed. Gear lever will not select anything above 2nd gear unless I gently push the lever slightly down then up to select 3-5th gears.

best bet is to speak to nigel at NBS, you could remove the box and post it to him, but its usually easier to deliver the bike to him for repair
he has sorted out a fair few gearboxes for me
if you strt pulling one apart you can end up in a real mess, and often replacing parts that do not need replacing

Sounds like a problem with the selector mechanism. What’s the history to the probem?
What was the last thing you did to the bike as that’s usually the best place to start.

Selector pawls not centring or restricted movement of pedal for some reason. My two best guesses

That is what I was thinking, possibly a spring gone on one of the pawls as worst case, possibly just needs adjusting on the eccentric cam thingy, could do with a bit more history of the problem.

Thanks for the replies and I got a sounding from Nigel at NBS as Rapheal suggested. Good question about the history of the problem as it came about as I was circling a Moorish fountain in southern Spain in the wrong gear. It was while I was selecting down the gears that the problem arose with no prior indication. Because of its suddenness and the fact that I could still select up providing I dropped the lever down slightly I thought the pawl spring had failed hence the posting to see if anyone else had a similar issue. Because the gear lever is not limp Nigel reports the pawl spring should be in tact and he advises adjusting the eccentric cam as Don - Spada has suggested which is accessible behind the gearbox backplate located in a locknut and screw. Nigel advises the screw only turns a half circle so a quarter turn should suffice. The bike is garaged in southern Spain on Spanish plates so the adjustment will have to wait until my next visit and I will post the result.

The advice in Guzziology on adjusting the eccentric cam is to turn it one flat at a time and no more than 3 flats (Half a turn) in either direction. It also suggests you note down which way you turn it so you can be sure to put it back to where it was before you started. Try turning it in one direction , see if it helps or worsens it, then the other if necessary. My only thought is that these don’t usually go out of adjustment unless someone plays with them.

In the selector mechanism, there will be a larger spring that returns the lever to the centre position and a spring on the selector pawl that engage on the selector drum and cause it to rotate

5 minutes later that is still sinking in

Thanks Don-Spada - I am not discounting the pawl spring but will kick off with the external adjustment. I have a mechanic who can pull the bike apart and take out the guts of the gearbox to get access to the pawl spring so I will be travelling with a replacement spring, gaskets/seals should they be required and will post the results in due course.