V50ii - Steering tube removal and bottom rail

Hi everyone

Couple of simples questions please.

I can’t get the steering tube and bottom yolk out, top all off but as I draw the tube through the bottom cup it catches on something, I have had a look down from the top and it looks like a couple of bits of metal or something sticking to the sides of the steering tube.

Has anyone experienced this before?

The cups are still on the frame, but they are in good nick so I would like to reuse again if possible as they are so expensive. But I can’t see how to remove them especially the bottom cup to free the steering tube as there is no room to get a drift in because of the steering tube hope that makes sense. Any suggestions please.

Secondly looking at the bottom rails does this look ok, can’t seem to see it at the right angle on any drawing, don’t want to clean and paint then find out it has been damaged.



I’d guess that the obstructions you are seeing on the steerer tube are maybe burrs from the slot that the steering lock engages with. The cups are just a press fit in the frame – you can probably just heat up the frame around the bottom cup and then beat the tube out. And yes, you want to preserve those cups for reuse if at all possible.

Your picture is none too clear to me. I’m thinking you have the frame rail upside down and we’re looking at the side stand mount bracket. Difficult to say if it is OK, though I can report that the OE side stand on these bikes is very nearly worse than than unfortunate. Useless enough that it is very unlikely to have damaged or bent the mount. Dry build first?

You are a true god amoungst us mere mortals, I did exactly what you said, took lots of heat and a very large hammer but out popped the lower cup and the steering stem then same heat on top bit and drifted out the top cup. Thank you so much for your advice. Oh and yup when I married up the bottom rails that bracket has to be the side stand. Glad I made a fool of myself early in this restoration. :blush:

You were spot on with the burr being from the steering lock in the slot, but I have never seen such damage as this before, and the steering lock is unmarked, perhaps from an earlier time.

I take it the stem is knackered then?

Please tell me it is not so I don’t have to try and get the bottom steering race thingy off.


My Spada stem was a bit like that - I cleaned the burrs up with a flapwheel in the grinder and re-used.

Thanks that’s good news. The stem is actually bent would that not matter once all put back and done up.



I thought it looked bent.

Looks like some scrote has tried to break the steering lock sometime in the past. OK maybe it succceeded that time, but bent the stem in the process. These locks really are a waste of space

I wouldn’t want to try reuse that stem TBH

Wow - that stem looks horrible. It certainly shouldn’t be used bent, and even if it straightens I don’t think I’d go with it. Looks like there are a few on ebay at c. £50.

You could try Pete at;


Thanks everyone

Here is a few pics against a straight edge, just a little pooped I think.

I have emailed Pete last night but thanks, I remember him from before, shame I walked straight passed his stall at Kempton Park last week. The retrospectoscope failed me that day.

Funny I spent an eternity looking though all 8000 plus entries on eBay and never saw one but nearly went mad.

Does anyone happen to know what other models are the same, presume the V35 is but are there others?

Thanks again, off the start cleaning up the frame and all the other rusty bits, think there may be metal underneath.



On phone screen I couldn’t see the bend. Mine was straight but just a bit burred round the hole.
I see from other posts you’ve made the right decision and won’t be re-using.
Ian P


That one for the bin, thanks for the help



Try - ‘Guzzi V50 yoke’