V65 Exhaust Downpipes - Aftermarket

Apologies in advance if I’ve asked about this before, but I’m going to buy new stainless downpipes for my Lario and have found 4 UK suppliers. OS Pipes, Armours, Keihan and Gutsibits (who are probably re-selling pipes from one of the other three).

I have another later V65 so am hoping the downpipes will fit both of them. However, the Guzzi parts manual lists the Lario as different to the Targa, but the Targa the same as the V65GT, but both different to the V65SP. I’m not worried about originality - just that they fit well.

Likewise the suppliers seem to mix up the V65 fitment with the Lario, Targa and other 650cc models.

Anyway, does anyone have any experience of these 4 suppliers re exhaust please?


I had a set of Keihan Downpipes for my R80 BMW and they went straight on without any dramas. One of the guys in our branch of the MZ Riders Club had an OS exhaust and was very pleased with it and many years ago now we bought a silencer for my wife’s Triumph Tiger Cub from Armours that was just the wrong shape for that model so they refunded our money. Hope that helps.

I have used Keihin several times and always pleased with the quality and value.
No experience of the others.

I bought a system for my 850T from Keihan good value and it fitted like a glove. I also bought some silencers from O&S they were good quality but too visually bulbous for my 750S replica project. I have since altered them. I have no experience of Armourers.

I would think that with the 650s the engine and frame being the same, the exhausts should fit all, but I’m just guessing. Someone with the knowledge will be along shortly :smiley: