V65 Front Fork Spindle Pinch Bolts

Is there a torque setting for the small spindle/axle pinch bolts (at the bottom of the fork legs) please?

I’ve read not to over tighten them but can’t find any guidance on how tight they should be.


I can’t find any figure either but Guzziology mentions many cases of cracked fork legs caused by over-tightening. It says ‘There’s nothing to be gained by over-tightening’.

Just nip it up so it ain’t gonna come loose, Rarely use a torque wrench myself, just use common sense. it might be an idea to put a spot of Loctite on it as it isn’t one you want to come undone and can’t get a Nyloc nut on it.

I’ve busted one before, I put it down to being over zealous cleaning out the powder coat I’d just had done and increasing the clearance too much.

According to the workshop manual for the V50 / V35 the ‘screws, fork leg to wheel spindle’ on the front suspension should be at 32 ft/lbs (4.5kg/m).