V65 Not Charging

I rebuilt my V65 and now find it’s not charging.

I have to admit I ‘tied-up’ the wiring so think I chopped something off I shouldn’t have!

I have the wiring diagram so can work through it but didn’t know if anyone can point me at where to start or what to check first.

The bike was charing well before I broke it!


Have a read of this as a good starting pointhttp://www.thisoldtractor.com/guzzitech.dk/pdf/charging-around-the-circuit-john-noble.pdfHave you removed the charging light or has the bulb blown, this will stop it charging.Other things include checking connections, earthing etc.Good luck, these things can be a nightmare.

^ Page 17

I have a V65SP which I got last year, it had been stored for 10 or so years in a dry barn, I sorted it out but the charge light would not go out, I rode it down to the local MOT place, a round trip of about 10 miles with the charging light shining bright both ways! , the alternator was then tested and serviced by West Country Winding in Essex (they used to be in Devon) and sorted out by them, I put it back on the bike and still the charge light would not go out, I had double checked all things like battery (which worked fine on the Cali EV), rectifier etc and ran dummy wires to and from the stator but still no answer, so I charged the battery up to full charge and went for a ride around my back garden The Forest Of Bowland (ok I dont own the forest but I like to think I do) a few miles into the ride the charging light went out! I turned the engine off for a short time and then switched it back on, the charge light was coming on with the switch and going off at around 2,000 revs, how it all came right I dont know, but take yours for a spin and check it out.the earth points are very important of course so have you checked the earth from the regulator is done up tight?the earth from the rectifier may also need checking, the top side of the rectifier, where the main thick red wire is connected to, is the ‘live’ side and the earth wire should be connected to one of the two mounting holes on the lower ‘earth’ side of the unit.the warning light on the console is part of the charging circut, is that working?

northwest2014-02-07 20:11:30

I assume this is a Bosch alternator with brushes contacting the slip rings on the rotor.Do you have a voltmeter available?Turn on the ignition and check if you have something approaching 12 volts between the brushes. Then check on the slip rings themselves. Poor brush contact is a common fault.