V65, V50, etc side panels

Here’s a challenge for the team…

Has anyone successfully modified or replaced their side panels?

Having fitted a (slim) flat tracker seat I think the standard side panels stick out too far. It seems I could trim around the edges and make them a bit slimmer but even if that works the linked master brake cylinder will still get in the way.

Any ideas please?


Don’t damage the original panels there are worth good money these days !!!, the best option would be to mock some up in cardboard and find someone to make them in metal or fibreglass gutzibits do nice ones like the old v7 sports bikes these would look good

Could you fit something like the Targa / Lario panels and possibly the seat?


Ah - you’re just showing off your very nice Lario - and I can’t blame you.

Good idea though.


These any good? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=301218975851&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:3160Chris950s2014-06-19 11:30:23

+1 on this…would like to see a pic Stu of the seat on the bike…I am going a similar way with my V50…brown, tuck 'n rolled flat tracker style.

This is the only photo on my phone. I can post/send you more if you want.

I initially used the self-adhesive foam sheets (used mainly for track bikes) but it didn’t stick in the sharp bend at the back of the seat and was also very, very hard and uncomfortable.

I bought a cheap seat from a Lexmoto Arrow(?). Made a base out of 2 sheets of hardboard, added a couple of mounting bolts trimmed the foam and re-stapled the cover. I think it’s worked out quite well and a lot more comfortable.

I will re-make the base at some time as the bend in the fibreglass seat base is too sharp for the the hardboard to retain it’s shape (a work in progress). Also upswept silencers, slim side panels, etc to be added at some time.


That’s a really good seat unit Stu…looking good! Wish mine was working but I am still some time away from even firing it up.This is my seat base made out of ally and powder coated…and this is the seat style I am going to try and emulate…

Unusual choice of colour for your starter motor, I painted mine silver with a chrome end cap…

I wanted it to stick out a bit! It does actually look more orange in the photo than it does in the metal.