V65 WhichSpark Plug?

I have a 1994 V65 engine (ex Italian police) in my current bike and have always used NGK BP8ES spark plugs. Never knowingly had a problem, but checking the workshop manual the plug listed is a Lodge 2HL.

Looking on t’interweb the NGK replacement for the Lodge is an NGK B7ES.

I notice Gutsibits offer the BP7ES for the V65SP but the NGK B8ES for the V65GT. I have assume my 1994 is more like the V65GT???

So I wondered what spark plugs people were using in their V65’s, and other small blocks?


The only difference between BP7ES and B7ES is how far the electrode and earth are being projected into the combustion chamber, the number 7 = the heat range

got BP7ES in my monza and v65tt

Any views on which heat range to use please/

ive used no 7’s in every guzzi i have owned never had a prob

I was in Gutsibits about two weeks ago and did ask re spark plugs for by two V65sp’s, their reply was it depends if you have points or after market ignition, think it is B8ES for the ones with systems like Newtronic ign and B7ES for points.

Yes number is the heat range, 7 is ‘cooler’ running than 8, so would be 8 if e.g. higher compression. Not sure if ‘type’ of ignition system would make any difference, as all that has got to do is make a spark, it’s mainly down to what’s happening in the combustion chamber.

wot Mike said…!!

bp7es served me well for years, v35,v50,v65,850-t5 Â v35 and v50 with factory electronic bosch, v65 and 850-t5 with factory points and then dyna electronic upgrade

Quick Google search for specs sez there’s 1 hp difference between V65SP (lesser) and V65GT (greater), and lo, indeed, NGK BP8ES is cited for the GT.

Best bet is try BP7’s, pull 'em after ‘X’ miles and if they look like the electrodes are eroding away, try the 8’s.

Or, if you get pinking / pre-ignition symptoms, caused by the electrodes getting red-hot.

Golden Lodge 2HL was the plug used in Alfa Romeos. Have you tried sourcing from an Alfa dealer which does the older models?